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Clients who bought and sold with Rimon

We were extremely pleased with the amazing services that Rimon provided. They helped us both buy a new apartment and sell our apartment. They are professional and easy to work with. It was a pleasure knowing we were dealing with honest bnei Torah who helped make everything go smoothly from A to Z.

Thank you so much!

AF from RBS A

We were very satisfied with the services Rimon provided. The staff explained us clearly what the process of buying and selling a home would entail. They employed excellent negotiation skills in order to make the dream a reality.

Dror Maor

Rimon Buyer's

Rimon is a wonderful real estate company in Israel. All of their agents are patient, personable, and enjoyable to work with. It is truly what people call "service with a smile".

So if you want to make your experience finding a house enjoyable, then Rimon is the place to call.

Moshe Meyer

Dedicated, professional and a delight to deal with.

Steven & Norma Jacobs.

We highly recommend using Rimon Realty to find the home that's right for you!

We were pleased to work with Yossi and the Greenman brothers. These honest, dedicated and professional agents helped us from the very beginning of our moving process and saw us through to the happy end. Every issue was dealt with sensitivity and real caring.

At Rimon realty they treat their customers like old time friends!

Thank you, Rimon for everything!

Eliezer and Rochel Rubinoff

We were very happy with the service provided by Rimon Realty. They were quick to respond, offered good advice, and saw us through to the end of the buying process without being pushy.

Kol tuv
Reut Lyons

The team at Rimon Realty really get the job done! They quickly and efficiently lined up tons of great apartments that really matched our needs. Within a few days, we decided on our choice and then Rimon worked tirelessly to get both sides to the negotiating table and to contract. Due to their professionalism, the process was quick and smooth and we are excited about our new home!"

Zvi and Rivki Gewirtz

‘Rimon Realty was absolutely fantastic – not only did they find us exactly what we were looking for but they gave us a really great service, answering all our questions and letting us know that they were there to help us as much as they could. Most important was the knowledge that we were dealing with someone completely honest who wanted the best for us.

It made the whole process so simple, we’d almost do it again soon!’

Rocheli Fishel

"I was fortunate to have been introduced to Rimon Realty when I was searching for both rental and properties for sale. The most important quality in a real estate broker, in my opinion, is the ability to understand the needs of the client, and to put that set of needs before any conflicting motivations. Some brokers try to move whatever property simply needs to be moved. Educated consumers will find that to be a painful and discouraging experience. I felt that Rimon distinguished themselves by tirelessly searching for the exact fit without ever applying pressure to consider a property that was unsuitable. If you want an honest broker that will listen, understand what you want, and put YOU first ... call Rimon. Feel free to email me if you want a personal recommendation."

M. Shaw
Monsey, NY

We recently worked intensively with Baruch David Greenman, of Rimon Realty, to purchase an apartment. Throughout the process, Baruch David proved to be responsive, keeping us updated and answering our questions or concerns almost immediately, either by phone or email. Baruch David was courteous, knowledgeable, easy to work with, and, importantly, patient with us when our search took longer than we planned. To anyone seeking a hard-working, energetic and ethical real estate professional in Ramat Beit Shemesh, we highly recommend Baruch David Greenman, of Rimon Realty.

B'Hatzlacha & All the best,

Natan & Joan Kotlyar

If you are looking for a quick, efficient, and professional real estate experience....Call Rimon !!

They are service oriented, knowledgeable, and polite.

For Rimon, I have only the highest praise!!

Best Regards

Leonard Finn
Leonard Finn & Co Services Ltd
Chartered Accountants
Brentmead House
Britannia Road
London N12 9RU
Tel: 020 8446 6767 Fax: 020 8446 6864

Courtesy and integrity are the hallmark of Rimon!!

S.G. Ramat bet Shemesh

Rimon seller's

What a pleasant experience! Within two weeks of giving Rimon an exclusive on my apartment, it was sold!!

Very professional, polite, knowledgeable, available and quick.

I very highly recommend the chevra at Rimon.
Thanks for a delightful experience.

Eliyahu Haber

The most important reason I will always work with Rimon Realty is that these are Bnei Torah who place the Mitzvos applying to business as their top priority.

Their job is to do the best for you, and to do it straight. Their profit comes as a Bracho from HaShem. It is not by knowing the “tricks of the trade”, cutting corners, and engaging in common practices that “might” be halachically OK. Maybe. They want their business to satisfy customers and make a Kiddush HaShem. No more… and no less!

Yehoshua Mann

When I decided to sell my home, I only called Rimon because I know they are honest.

Yehuda was amazing – he gave me great negotiating advice and solved problems quickly.

The real miracle was that we sold my apartment and bought one on the same day!

Professional, knowledgeable, helpful and patient…what more could you ask for??!!

Thanks Yehuda!
Pesach Newmark
Intentional Success Coaching

We had a great experience selling our home with Rimon. Each member of their team was great to work with and they quickly found us a buyer at a price that worked for us.

D.C. from rbs a

We would like to wholeheartedly recommend the services of Baruch Dovid Greenman of Rimon Realty. When we decided to sell our apartment and look for another one, we called Rimon, and not only did they work very hard to help us sell our apartment and find the one that was perfect for our needs, they were a pleasure to work with! So, if you are in the market, call Baruch Dovid at 054-562-5887, or any of the Rimon Realty Team. . .
The Tritels

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