Selling Tips

Tips for Selling

Selling a home can be very challenging. Everyone wants to get the most money in the shortest time with the least hassle. Some people think the most logical route is to post on free listing services at a high price and see if they get lucky. Buyers have an innate sense of prices and will rarely pay above market value. In addition, savvy buyers will even check recent sale prices on line!

The result is some buyers will come to see the property and no offers will be made. As the seller realizes his mistake and lowers the price, buyers sense the desparation and wait him out or make low bids. Smart sellers would rather be near the final price, have many buyers view the property and chose the best offer.

Rimon Realty can help you through this process and help you achieve the goals of maximum price in the shortest time with the least hassle.

Read on for some good tips!

Correctly Price Your Home

Don't base your price (solely) on other sellers' asking price! Don't base your sale price on what your neighbor got last year! Granted you may have added a new sink or light fixtures, that will not raise your sale price significantly or at all. So how do you determine the correct sale price? Rimon will show you comparable properties that have sold in the last 4 months. Based on this we can have a basis for your true price. When do we benefit from the published prices of existing properties for sale? When we look at what is for sale and has not sold. That is an indication of what not to do.

Staging Your Home

Rimon Realty will walk through your home with the "eyes" of a buyer. Obvious things like burnt out lights, broken switches, broken window treisim, peeling paint, water damage etc, all need to be fixed before the marketing begins. Painting your home in light neutral colors always helps. Remove clutter. Even if all those loose items have to be stuffed into storage, do it! Keep the house clean and tidy.

One step further is to add spice, put some cinamon in the oven before a viewing, bake some cookies, turn on all the lights and open the windows, air out the home, turn on the AC when it is hot or the heat when it is cold.


The general rule is to get the property out there as much as possible. Internet marketing is great but many buyers don't use the internet and even those that do, often prefer the services of a professional real estate agent. Advertising in print is expensive but very effective. Rimon Realty advertises heavily through a Search Engine Optimized website, YouTube, email marketing, extensive print ads, an inhouse database of active buyers and word of mouth.

Be Flexible with Viewings

Rimon always tries to give our sellers as much notice as possible. Sometimes we don't have the opportunity. The buyer that we are bringing today may be the one. Try to accomodate.

Patience Patience Patience

As stated our goal is to sell your home as quickly as possible for the fairest price. In a buyer's market it may take longer. Keep a positive attitude and help us sell your home.

The First Offer Rule

For some strange reason the first offer is often the best. Don't be shocked if it is less than you hoped for. Sellers tend to hope for a higher offer. The biggest fish often bite first so think carefully before throwing this one back.

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